We’ve Got Books…Lots and Lots of Books!

Today my first shipment of books from our 10,000 copy run were set to arrive…just in time for my appearance at the AfWPi Annual Conference in Ventura, CA. But when the truck had not yet arrived, I made a call and found out that they were at the hub in Orange (30 minutes away)…but were not set to be delivered until Monday. I leave for Ventura on Sunday afternoon. When I pressed for some options that might allow me to get by books sooner, they told me to come on down after 9:00pm and pick them up. So I did…and all 100 cases (2,400 lbs worth) were stacked into my silver Grand Caravan.

Here is the back view… 

Van Shot-Back

My van filled with boxes of books (back door)

Here is the side view…

Van Shot-Side

My van filled with boxes of books (side door)

My van has never been so heavy laden. I had to drive suface streets just to get home safely…the tires were too “squishy” to be safe on the freeways.

But they are now home safe and sound…

Big stack of Books

The big stack of our boxes of books in my garage

 …and they’ll be ready to sell at the AfWPi Annual Conference.

Who wants a case?