The Shadow Reveal Grand Entrance!!!

Here is a truly creative way to introduce the Bride & Groom submitted by Mike Anderson of Creative Memories Entertainment in Sacramento, CA:

Shadow Reveal Grand Entrance

Shadow Reveal Grand Entrance

Just 5 minutes before the introductions, I guided Kelly & Adam (the Bride & Groom) to the back-stage area without the guests having a clue what we were doing. I lined up the wedding party and instructed them to walk onto the stage and create two lines on each side of the monogram screen for the introductions. Kelly & Adam were sports fanatics so I introduced the wedding party in true NBA style with their heights and the cities they were born in. Once I had introduced the last groomsman, the music changed to their favorite song, “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada.

Suddenly their monogram was enveloped in a bright, white light and two shadowed figures walked in behind the screen standing 12 feet tall. From their shadowed outline, the guests could tell that this could only be the bride and groom shadow dancing to the song. Suddenly, the screen began to rise and Kelly & Adam walked as their crowd of guests jumped to their feet and went ballistic with cheering and applause. This was a truly unique experience for the guests as well as a great way to start the best wedding reception ever!

Photo Credit: Christopher Kight Photographers in Sacramento.

Nicely done Mike! The stars projected on the ceiling were also a nice added touch.