Publisher’s Weekly Spotlight Interview

On November 19th, my publisher put me in touch with a reporter for Publisher’s Weekly who was working on a story about Authors who had landed publishing deals after first self-publishing and self-promoting their book themsevles. I was on a layover in Cleveland, OH on my way from Louisville, KY to Hartford, CT and we spent 30 minutes on the phone discussing exactly how I had put together and promoted my self-published version of TBWRE to the point that I had been able to sell over 11,000 copies in just over two years. I then shared with her how I had written up an overivew of the strides I had made with TBWRE (International Readership, TV Interviews, Speaking Engagements, Etc.) along with a marketing plan once it became a published work. We talked about how I sent it to 6 hand-picked publishers and received 3 rejection letters followed finally by an offer to publish from Sellers Publishing located in Portland, ME.

The completed article will be spotlighting 5 or 6 Authors and is due to published on their web site on December 21st.