My first feedback from an engaged couple!

TBWR…E! has only been out for 2 months…and most of the advance copies have been sold to Wedding DJs and other Wedding Vendors…but we’ve been getting more and more engaged couples lately who are purchasing the book on as well.

Well today I received my first “thank you” e-mail from a couple who are planning their wedding for July 7th, 2007 in the Bay Area…Andrina and Mason

They also wrote to tell me they have hired a caricature artist to come and create similar portraits of their guests at the reception. This was an idea I had intended to include in the Cocktail Hour Chapter…but I ran out of room for this current version of TBWR…E! Way to go you two…make it fun!

I am so looking forward to hearing from more brides and grooms who are reading TBWR…E! in the coming weeks and months. Knowing that my book might play a small role in helping make your receptions “the best…ever!” is so fulfilling.