Fun Ideas

The latest and greatest fun ideas gathered from my own wedding reception performances and submitted by other wedding entertainers as well.

Updating the Reviews…

I have been meaning to update the reviews listed on the TBWRE web site for quite some time now…but I was finally able to get it done this afternon. In the process of updating them (most of which came from the 26 reviews we have on our listing), I found this letter from someone quite unexpected…

WOW! A letter from Dick Clark...what a huge honor!

As it turns out, my friend and colleague, Larry Williams (a fellow WED Guild® Member from Reno, NV), has a relationship with Mr. Clark and took the liberty of sending him a copy of my book awhile back.

And I also came across this e-mail review sent much earlier this year by Liz…

Raymond & Liz at their 10th Anniversary Wedding Reception

“I want to thank you for the suggestions in your book. I’m Elizabeth Clay from Florence KY and I got your book for my 10 year anniversary wedding. The reception was great! So many people said it was the best reception they’ve ever been too! One even said they felt like they were watching an exciting movie wondering what fun thing would happen next.

The intro of the wedding party went wonderful. We selected a “dream team” of friends and family to be a part of the show. Each person had their own theme music and the bio form you sent me really came in handy for their introduction. The crowd laughed and really enjoyed themselves.

I don’t have a copy of the surprise dance from the videographer yet but I have a few photos from the event. People stood and cheered for us as we danced. Especially when our son’s joined in on the surprise dance!”

Less than a month later, she sent a follow up e-mail with a link to the video footage on YouTube of their creative surprise First Dance routine.

You’ll notice that I have included ALL of the reviews…even the few that were not so glowing. If you would like to submit a review of the book, feel free to contact me with the e-mail address listed on the bottom of the reviews page.

The Dating Game Surprise

I booked a wedding reception for July of 2008 today that reminded me of an unforgettably funny moment from a wedding I performed at years ago. 

In May of 1999, while entertaining at Craig & Kelly Cooper’s Reception, I was asked to to pull a fast one on Craig’s brother, Steve, who was one of his Best Men that day. During the Grand Entrance…we surprised him with a brief version of “The Dating Game” as a roast of his perpetual status as a single guy. Steve played along quit well…but when you see the footage…be sure to check out Bachelorette #2…what a HOTTIE!

Craig and Kelly had selected a casual Hawaiian theme and they had insisted that I wear board shorts and sandals. This is the only time I have ever performed at a reception in shorts. So I introduced myself to their guests on the mic as “DJ of Great White Legs.”

So fast forward to today…imagine my delight when I found out that Steve Cooper was finally getting married. And today he and his fiancé, Jessica, secured my services for their big day in July of 2008…when Jessica will become his wife…in San Francisco. Look out Craig…you know what they say about payback…

Doug & Jesse’s YouTube style First Dance Surprise

Doug & Jesse were just about two of cutest, wildest, and funniest people I have ever worked with over the years.'re supposed to cut the Cake...not Doug!

Jesse…you’re supposed to cut the Cake…not Doug!

They loved to laugh and they wanted to give their guests something to talk about (and laugh about) for years to come. I had given them a copy of my new book, “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” and as we were discussing creative and memorable ideas, I showed them a YouTube video that was cited in my book as an example of how a bride and groom could create an enormous amount of fun energy amongst their guests by surprising everyone with a fun choreographed routine in the middle of their First Dance. The example I showed them can be seen here…

They liked this idea so much, they immediately started scouring YouTube for other video clips featuring fun dance routines, and that’s when they came across a routine by comedian, Judson Laipply, called “Evolution of Dance”…which can be seen here…

And so they selected a few of the favorite song clips and practiced their own routines. Meanwhile, they kept all of their guests, including their wedding party, in the dark about their plans. I helped them tighten up the edit of their song clips and we also created a fake CD skipping effect to fool the guests into thinking something had just gone horribly wrong in the middle of their First Dance…which only served to heighten the level of surprise as you will be able to see here…

To make sure we pulled this off correctly, and to segue the energy they had just created into some seriously fun open dancing, we scheduled their Father/Daughter Dance and Mother/Son Dance to take place before their First Dance…so we could just go right into the open dancing as soon as they were done.

The Balloon Stomp Game

When I first met with Brianna and her mother, Ginny, back in August of last year…she told me about an unusual activity that she wanted to work into her reception agenda. It turns out that Brianna’s favorite game of all time is “The Balloon Stomp.” She has enjoyed this game since childhood and she always looks forward to rolling it out at large family gatherings… “So I figured why not do it at my reception?” she said to me.

We brainstormed some fun musical selections and made a list of victims…volunteers…and then we scheduled it to happen after the bouquet and garter tosses but before resuming the open dancing. Once our group of victims…volunteers…had been gathered on the dance floor, we finally revealed that it was time for “The Balloon Stomp” as a small balloon was quickly tied around the right ankle of each participant. When the frantic sounding music began to play, everyone attempted to stomp out their opponents balloons while desperately trying to protect their own balloon from being popped. It was loud…it was crazy…it was fun…and Brianna was loving every minute of it.

The Shadow Reveal Grand Entrance!!!

Here is a truly creative way to introduce the Bride & Groom submitted by Mike Anderson of Creative Memories Entertainment in Sacramento, CA:

Shadow Reveal Grand Entrance

Shadow Reveal Grand Entrance

Just 5 minutes before the introductions, I guided Kelly & Adam (the Bride & Groom) to the back-stage area without the guests having a clue what we were doing. I lined up the wedding party and instructed them to walk onto the stage and create two lines on each side of the monogram screen for the introductions. Kelly & Adam were sports fanatics so I introduced the wedding party in true NBA style with their heights and the cities they were born in. Once I had introduced the last groomsman, the music changed to their favorite song, “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada.

Suddenly their monogram was enveloped in a bright, white light and two shadowed figures walked in behind the screen standing 12 feet tall. From their shadowed outline, the guests could tell that this could only be the bride and groom shadow dancing to the song. Suddenly, the screen began to rise and Kelly & Adam walked as their crowd of guests jumped to their feet and went ballistic with cheering and applause. This was a truly unique experience for the guests as well as a great way to start the best wedding reception ever!

Photo Credit: Christopher Kight Photographers in Sacramento.

Nicely done Mike! The stars projected on the ceiling were also a nice added touch.

My first feedback from an engaged couple!

TBWR…E! has only been out for 2 months…and most of the advance copies have been sold to Wedding DJs and other Wedding Vendors…but we’ve been getting more and more engaged couples lately who are purchasing the book on as well.

Well today I received my first “thank you” e-mail from a couple who are planning their wedding for July 7th, 2007 in the Bay Area…Andrina and Mason

They also wrote to tell me they have hired a caricature artist to come and create similar portraits of their guests at the reception. This was an idea I had intended to include in the Cocktail Hour Chapter…but I ran out of room for this current version of TBWR…E! Way to go you two…make it fun!

I am so looking forward to hearing from more brides and grooms who are reading TBWR…E! in the coming weeks and months. Knowing that my book might play a small role in helping make your receptions “the best…ever!” is so fulfilling.